Sample Letter to Child

December 9, 2010 under Meeting Materials

Hi! I wanted to write you a quick note and also ask you to do something that will really help me.

First, I want to tell you just how proud I am of you! You are a great daughter, sister and a friend to so many. You have the gift’s of being creative, artistic, passionate and honest. Among the many things that you do so well, I really enjoy watching your artistic creativity, the simple little doodle drawings, the photographs and the master pieces such as the ballerina that is hanging in our Family room. You have a real flair for fashion and creativity for trying new foods and for making great meals. It was neat to see you cooking the pasta dinner the other night and knowing you wanted specific items like the Four Cheese Sauce. I am proud of you for trying sports and want to congratulate you on making the Varsity Volleyball for High School. I am proud of you for wanting your friends to hang-out and enjoy watching movies and socializing in the basement. I am proud of your effort in school and know you are going to try harder this year as good grades get you into a great college, plus auto insurance is cheaper for those that have great grades! This school year will be great as a Sophomore, with many new things in store to still try at school. Yes another new thing is you will be driving the car! You have made a big difference in mom & dad’s life! Dad really loves you and wants so much for you to realize your dreams in life.

I also want be a good Dad, but sometimes I don’t always know what to do, so I wrote out some questions that I put in this letter. I know you are a teenager and you will be sixteen in April and things are not like when you were 6. Would you do me a favor and spend some time thinking about the questions, and then answering them for me? I would really appreciate it. I want to spend more time with you and I want you to enjoy it as much as me. I respect you want to hang-out with your friends and that is cool too. But I want to do things that you would really like.

You are a great daughter, and I am proud to be your Dad. If you could answer the questions by this Sunday, give them to me and I will read them or if you just want to tell me the answers in person that is ok too. Then we can begin to talk more about things for this upcoming school year! I’m looking forward to it!

I love you,

  • What one thing Dad does really bothers you and you want Dad to stop doing?
  • What one thing have you wanted to do with Dad, but have never done?
  • What one thing would you really like Dad to teach you, or tell you, or do with you that he never has?
  • What have you done with Dad in the past that you really enjoyed, but don’t get to do enough?
  • What one thing is really on your mind that you want me to know about?

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