Answer:Come early and talk with friends you will meet.  Pretend we start at 6:00 AM and then when we actually start at 6:03 you’ll be right on time, even if you get caught by that traffic light on the way! 



Answer:There is no charge to join.  We do a couple of events during the year to cover the small expenses we do incur.  A Fathers Team Polo costs $20.00 but is not mandatory, and if you would like one and cannot afford it we’ll find a way to cover that too. 



Answer:Fathers with young children. Fathers with older children.  Fathers whose children have moved on.  Fathers who belong to IHM parish, Guardian Angels, St Thomas Moore, or any other Catholic or Christian who attends mass regularly or is struggling and needs some fellowship.  We have Fathers from many parishes, and some non-Catholic Christian Fathers who share our goal of being better Christian Fathers and men. 



Answer:Every Friday morning @ 6:03 AM during the school year. 



Answer:Our meetings start as a large group where we pray, state our team signals, sing a Hymn, cover weekly business, and discuss the weekly topic. 

Then at about 6:30 AM we break into smaller teams where you will get to know each other better and where you can share ideas or just listen in a less intimidating setting.



Answer:Absolutely.  We have many Fathers who travel for a living and make some meetings.  Many other fathers are able to make it on a more regular basis.  You’ll find yourself thinking about the meeting going on even when you are on the road and unable to attend.  That makes it all the more special for you when you are back in town and can join us.