About Us

Come join us for Fathers Team on Friday mornings at 6:03 AM in Hageman Hall.  We have a group of 40-50 Dads that meet once a week on Friday morning to discuss how we can become better Dads, Husbands, and Christians.  If you can’t make every week, no problem.  We have flexibility to deal with those demanding work and personal schedules.

So, for all of you Dads who are interested in joining us, either show-up on Friday morning or contact us for more information.

Men Supporting Men; Growing in Faith and Fatherhood
Top Reasons to join the Fathers Team
  1. Support structure for fathers logo
  2. Examine relationships with wives, children, peers
  3. Get ideas on dealing with “dad” issues
  4. What is the Catholic Church teaching on topics
  5. Connect with fathers “in the same boat”
  6. Flexible attendance policy
  7. You are 1 of 50 dads that attend
  8. You can blend in or take charge
  9. Great way to get involved in your church/parish
  10. Get perspective from fathers who have “been there”


  1. Thank you for using my article on the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit in your syllabus. I have also produced a small (12-page) pamphlet of verse meditations on the seven gifts, suitable for handouts, as well as a series of more in-depth articles on the same subject, also in handout form, available in single/bulk copies upon request.

    If interested, and to discuss terms, please contact me at 609-818-9309 or frankblisard@msn.com .

    Thank you.
    Frank X. Blisard