Pictures from Bob Castellini

September 12, 2012 under Events

A few submitted pictures of Bob Castellini speaking.

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Robert H. Castellini 10 Guiding Business Principles

September 12, 2012 under Meeting Materials


From Bob Castellini’s presentation about Faith, Family and Business Ethics:



Principle #1 Have a vision and communicate it

Principle #2 Surround yourself with good people and empower them

Principle #3 Bad partners make bad deals

Principle#4 Let others take the credit

Principle #5 It’s all about the customer

Principle #6 Reputation, reputation, reputation

Principle #7 Tell it like it is

Principle #8 Work smart

Principle #9 Litigation is taboo 99% of the time

Principle #10 Give back


In addition, here’s a copy of the Prayers of Saint Bridget

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What is the New Evangelization?

September 1, 2012 under Meeting Materials

The New Evangelization calls each of us to deepen our faith, believe in the Gospel message and go forth to proclaim the Gospel.  The focus of the New Evangelization calls all Catholics to be evangelized and then go forth to evangelize.  In a special way, the New Evangelization is focused on ‘re-proposing’ the Gospel to those who have experienced a crisis of faith.  Pope Benedict XVI called for the re-proposing of the Gospel “to those regions awaiting the first evangelization and to those regions where the roots of Christianity are deep but who have experienced a serious crisis of faith due to secularization.”  The New Evangelization invites each Catholic to renew their relationship with Jesus Christ and his Church.


Here’s the video from the presentation:


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