Stages of Faith and Power

February 26, 2012 under Meeting Materials

Chris Pollock had referenced Stages of Faith and Power by Janet Hagberg during the presentation of Finding a Spiritual Advisor.


Here is a short excerpt:

We need all the stages of faith for full spiritual formation

The six stages of faith and the Wall that are highlighted in The Critical Journey are all important in our spiritual journey. Each one has a profound impact and role in our lives. For instance,

  • Stage One humbles us
  • Stage Two grounds us
  • Stage Three rewards us
  • Stage Four unsettles us
  • the Wall unmasks us
  • Stage Five transforms us
  • Stage Six transcends us
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Follow-up on Deacon Dave’s presentation last week

February 16, 2012 under Meeting Materials

Attached are the questions that Deacon Dave provided surrounding “the stages of marriage.”  This would be a great thing for us to review with our wives!

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Why I Love Jesus and Love Religion

February 16, 2012 under Uncategorized

Some of you may have heard this interview on The Son Rise Morning Show last Friday about religion and Jesus.  Check out this link in response “rap” by a Catholic priest “why I love Jesus and love religion” response to an earlier YouTube video “why I hate religion and love Jesus”. The “why I hate religion..” video has been a web sensation with over 18 million hits.   The response was done a by a priest, filmed in Chicago and has over 400,000 hits since Friday.  



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The 10 Must-Do’s of Middle Age

February 1, 2012 under Meeting Materials

From Kevin Scott in preparation for this weeks topic of Finding A Spiritual Advisor :

Forwarding you the link to All-Pro Dad and the attachment from today’s message – the 10 Must do’s of Middle Age. Check out the website and today’s message. If inspired, let’s link the website to the Father’s Team site for “everyday.”

As you know, All-Pro Dad was founded by Tony Dungy and hence takes on the “NFL flavor”. Their website and e-mail push outs are real and life changing. Very Christian based and deal with the real men realities we all face.

I like it as  it is get’s men past the “polite stage” to a deeper level and provides the simple solution “check list”.


Steve Jobs, one of America’s most influential innovators and business entrepreneurs, passed away at age 56.  Midlife.  And we grieved at his life seemingly cut short.  Not many people ever imagine life ending at 56 or anywhere near it. When most of us think of dying, we imagine ourselves old and gray and passing away peacefully. If we are lucky, that is. But in midlife, we palpably see we have more asphalt behind us than in front of us and that the end is coming.  Some guys go into midlife crisis mode.  But that doesn’t have to be you.  Midlife is a time for re-evaluation and re-energization, if you have purpose and meaning.  Here are the 10 Must-Do’s of Midlife to help you finish well.

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