Dad’s Top 10 Reasons To Attend Church

January 31, 2012 under Meeting Materials

Contributed from Paul DeLuca.  Read during Apologetics:  Defending The Catholic Faith presentation.


    1. BALANCE:   I’ve always felt off balance when I’ve strayed away from a connection with my faith and it’s mass that brings me back and helps me stay connected.
    2. PRACTICE PRAISING:  It’s where we learn how to praise God and since that’s what we will do in eternity we need to get lots of practice now.
    3. GOD CENTER:  Once I truly came to believe that everything is from God I had a deeper desire to be close to Him always.  
    4. HIS CHANNEL:   I can do GREAT things when I let Jesus work through me.  
    5. BEING OUR BEST:   Becoming the best version of ourselves must include God
    6. LOVE OF NEIGHBOR:   Humans are meant to be social creatures building relationships with other human beings throughout life.  Mass nurtures and develops our spirit to help us see how we should behave in this world toward others.  
    7. STAYING ON TRACK:   Following God in one’s life is the ‘road less traveled’.  Weekly Mass provides the road map to find your way on that road.  
    8. SANCTIFICATION: – the process of growing Christ like.  
    9. PROTECTION:   There is a constant force in the world trying to get in-between us and God.  It can be called many things: secular society, pop culture, individualism, etc.  Don’t be fooled it is the devil.  We need the Mass as our weapon against this constant force.
    10. WALK TOWARD HIM:   For every step you take towards God, He takes 1000 steps toward you. 
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