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May 26, 2011 under Events

A few meetings ago we had decided to commit to the project in the fall.  Chris Pollock has stepped up to coordinate.

Information from the Social Ministries Commission:

I am writing to you this morning from the Social Ministries Commission and at the suggestion of Ken Cornish to ask the Father’s Team to consider leading a new project at IHM.  IHM is a member of the InterParish Ministry collaborative of parishes serving the poor in Mt. Washington, Anderson Twp., Newtown, and areas in Eastern Hamilton County and western Clermont County (Batavia, Felicity, etc). is the webpage for Inter Parish Ministry located in Newtown.

IHM does support Inter Parish Ministry with the Coin Collection and Christmas in July as well as support for various projects from time to time.  IPM has approached IHM with a request to help with a fairly new project that they have taken on.   IPM has a food pantry at their location in Newtown but have begun to work with the Free Store Food bank to provide a refrigerated mobile food pantry to different areas and especially outlying areas.  The refrigerated food pantry supplies food not ordinarily supplied at the regular food pantry such as meats and fresh produce.  I am attaching a press release from IPM above (Mt. Moriah Mobile Pantry) that explains the project.  IPM has asked IHM to sponsor the Mobile Food Pantry for one or two times a year.  While the basic cost to sponsor is $500 each time, we are not required to provide the funding if we feel we can only serve as a place to park the mobile van and provide volunteers.  

So far, I have investigated how we could do this project and you can read the Mobile Food Van Notes above for more details.  We do have approval from Fr. Tom to begin the program.  Social Ministries Commission was the committee approached by InterParish Ministry and we basically think it is a great idea and would like to proceed with the project.  However, we do not have members on the commission who feel they can take on this responsibility.

I am asking the Father’s team to consider being the leader for this project and coordinate the volunteers.  The volunteers could also come from others in the parish such as Youth Group or Confirmation Candidates but we would ask Father’s Team to coordinate these volunteers. The basic need is to establish a date and provide around 20 volunteers for a 4 hour period.  You can read details in the Notes attached.

I understand that the Father’s team does not meet in the summer but I would ask you to consider and perhaps email the group to see if this is something they would like to do in the fall.  The only action needed soon would be to establish the date with Interparish Ministry and the IHM Office.  They have several dates available.  They did mention that if the weather is bad, we should have an alternate room available.  I would suggest talking to the IHM office about having Hageman Hall available.  This would be my suggestion as it is near the east parking lot.

There is not a deadline date however we should let InterParish Ministry know if IHM needs a date in Oct. or November.  October might not work for the team as they has traditionally done the coat collection weekend.  Please let me know if you can consider this project.  Other dates are available as well.  This would be a valuable service to offer to people in need who live in our area.  IPM reports that at least 25% of their caseload is in Mt. Washington and Anderson Twp..


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