FATHERS Team Boot Camp

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  • First Friday Rosary
  • FATHERS Team Boot Camp
  • Help with Picnic
  • Upcoming Calendar

First Friday Rosary

This year, we are introducing a new “tradition.”  On the first Friday of each month, we would like to to begin the morning at 5:30AM with a Rosary, starting this Friday.  This will not change the normal format of the meeting.  We should be done well before 6AM.  So if you are awake and feel called, please join us!  Bring your beads!

FATHERS Team Boot Camp

Wake up early.  Get yourself out of bed.  Prepare yourself for a workout that your love ones will thank you for.  Please join us for first “normal” meeting of the season this Friday for “Spiritual and Physical Fitness: Taking care of yourself so that you can take care of others”

Ken Cornish and Dave Karsten are promising to PUMP YOU UP!

Help with Picnic

This year we are again helping with the Parish Picnic.  The picnic will be Saturday, September 25 after the 5PM mass.  Bob Hilmer and Steve Green is coordinating this event.  The biggest need is help with setup (beginning at 4PM) and teardown.  Please let Bob or Steve know if you are able to help.

Upcoming Calendar

The complete calendar is on our website:  http://www.fathersteam.org/

  • Friday, September 3 @ 5:30AM in Hageman
    First Friday Rosary
  • Friday, September 3 @ 6:03AM in Hageman
    Spiritual and Physical Fitness: Taking care of yourself so that you can take care of others
  • Friday, September 10 @ 6:03AM in Hageman
    How’s your marriage? The real men of IHM respond
  • Friday, September 17 @ 6:03AM in Hageman
    Covenant Signing


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